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Things to Expect When Going for a Dental Implant Procedure

Today, dental implant is a popular procedure. Studies show that more and more people will choose to get implants as the years go by. When thinking of getting a dental implant it is wise to know what you are signing up for. Read to learn about the things to expect during a dental implant procedure.

First, it would be best to have some background knowledge on the procedure. Dental implants entail the replacement of the tooth roots with metal posts. Your artificial roots will be anchored on the posts. Your implant choice and condition of your jaw will determine the best surgery. It is essential to note that you will have to go through more than one procedure. This will ensure the proper healing of the bone around the implant.

The procedure begins by an initial assessment. The dentist will take the opportunity to evaluate your jawbone and determine the best procedure. For the implant to be natural-looking, the evaluation will include X-rays, impressions and matching your teeth color. This is the best time to determine the number of teeth you need replaced. The best surgeon will be keen to note all the medical conditions and medications.

If you still have the original tooth, you will have to go through tooth extraction. You do not have to worry as the implant insertion can be done immediately. You will be informed of the anesthesia choices you can go for. Even with the nearly painless procedure, it will work best if you give it the best aftercare. For example, you should avoid blowing your nose or drinking through a straw at all costs.

You will then proceed to get dental implant insertions and bone grafting. The implant will be inserted directly into the jawbone. The other option is a direct insertion under the gum line. For weak jawbones, an extra bone will be added. In such a case, the implant will only be done once the bone is healed. As time goes by, the jawbone is expected to grow around the inserted implant. It is estimated that the growth process will take an approximate of 3 to 8 months. But, this can vary by person.

After the stabilizing of the implant, you will book an appointment for abutment placement. The piece is critical in linking the implant and crown. You will experience a low pressure as it needs to be tightly fitted. Since the piece is visible, ask the doctor how they will mask it. Also, you will need a healing cap to prevent the overgrowth of the tissue and bone.

In the last appointment, the doctor will add a permanent crown. Since it will be glued, you cannot remove to replace or clean. You are also free to consider a removable implant.

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